​The PATCH lending library is comprised of a variety of technology to help support a wide range of students and classrooms throughout the district.  ​The lending library is available to any teacher in the district in order to help them make educated decisions about what technology will match the needs of their students. This can be done through the trial period that is a part of the Request for Collaboration process. Teachers are able to check out equipment and integrate the device into their classroom in order to determine whether it matches the student's educational needs. The PATCH Lending Library is available by appointment for any teacher, parent, or student to visit and explore in order to get ideas and inspiration.  Below are images of just a few examples of items currently in our lending library.

big keys high contrast keyboard
octopus smart watch
ablenet head tracker mouse
Quha Zona gyroscopic mouse
alpha smart 3,000 word processor
braille n speak device
Jelly bean switch
switch controlled bongo drums
ablenet big roller ball mouse
vintage victor reader cd player
c-pen scanning pen
joystick mouse